About us

Emily JonesI grew up with the stories of my mother’s birth experiences imprinted in my mind. Suffice to say they weren’t instilling me with confidence & I was petrified of birth. So when it was time for my husband and I to start our own family, I knew I wanted my own stories to be different. I wanted to challenge the notion that you must endure pain to become a mother; I didn’t think this had to be my ‘right of passage’ as a woman.

I was studying alternative therapies at the time, so I sought insight into alternate ways of birthing. Not only was my search for a calm birth experience fueled by wanting a better birth for myself but also by seeking a way for my husband to best support me during birth, given his extreme fear of hospitals.

So together we sought alternatives and it was through the HypnoBirthing program that we gained a new-found confidence about the birthing experience. The use of practical tools and sound knowledge meant my husband felt equipped to help me; he knew he could offer genuine assistance and not just sit in the corner feeling nauseous!

The Hypnobirthing program gave us both a way to release the negative feelings we had towards childbirth and allowed us to enjoy the most incredible, natural, peaceful birthing experience together.

It was this process of helping my husband find a way to be the best birthing partner he could be, plus eradicating the fears that had been preordained, that allowed me to have an incredibly empowering childbirth. So much so, that I couldn’t help but share the knowledge and methodology with others. And so from this birth, Acacia Wellness was born.

Like my family, Acacia Wellness has grown into something very special. My classes are fun and held in warm, relaxed environments; you’ll leave feeling educated, supported and confident. But it’s not all serious and sensible all the time!! In fact, conversations often veer off to things non-baby related, but still within my realm of passion – terrible reality TV (The Bachelor in particular, although I feel I need to do 5 years feminist penance after each viewing!), the Kardashians and 90s alternative music (think Radiohead and Nirvana.)

I’m so very passionate about helping families grow through calm beginnings. I look forward to supporting your family through this beautiful time in your lives.