Independent Childbirth Education – It’s worth every dollar!

So often when couples enquire about my HypnoBirthing program it is the cost that ultimately decides their decision, more often than I would like they decide that they can’t justify the cost. Adding a baby to the family can be an expensive process, I totally get this, especially if you’re going down to one income for any period of time. At the same time though, it is my hope that couples view HypnoBirthing or any independent childbirth education at the value that it will offer them not only during their labour & birth but also throughout their pregnancy, parenting journey & often throughout their lives. Cost & Value are two entirely different things, it’s all about perspective.

The amount of money that I see parents spending on prams & cots (not even the most expensive ones) is far above how much it would cost finically for them to attend an independent childbirth education program, but the value that they would receive far outweighs, I believe, any financial investment.

I’ll give you another perspective. According the a survey by Bride to Be magazine earlier this year, the average cost of a wedding in Australia is over $65,000! For one amazing & happy day, but still only ONE day. Birth whilst it still might only be one day in your life, you are pregnant for 9 months & a parent for the rest of your breathing days. Your birth will shape you into the person you become, it will imprint your baby in so many important ways. This birth is the only chance you have for THIS baby, you might have other births but you can never change what happened for this one.

Don’t get caught up in all the ‘stuff’, think about what a baby really needs; a safe entrance into the world, somewhere warm to sleep be it a cot, your bed or your arms, something warm to drink be it from your breast, from someone else’s or from a bottle & more love than you can ever imagine. So make this birth good, make it positive, make it something you want to remember with a smile across your face, do it for you & do it for your baby.