The 10 worst things Obstetricians have actually said during labour…

  1. “It's going to be a biggggggg baby”
  1. “Don't worry, I have small fingers”
  1. “You are not a hero, have an epidural”
  1. "Are u regretting this now?"
  1. “Cry on the inside, like a winner “
  1. "You wouldn't get a tooth pulled without pain relief so why are you being so stubborn now?"
  1. "I hope your birth goes as well as YOU think it will"
  1. 'Suck it up princess'
  1. “You can’t do this by yourself, I’m going to have to do this for you”
  1. Whilst stitching after birth, the Dr said to my husband 'have you seen this? It's a dogs breakfast'


Something that all of these women say: “I've never forgotten that day or those words.”

Reading a list like this you might be surprised with how such small comments, that might not usually affect someone can derail a birth in a dramatic way. In fact, it’s not even the birth itself but the disempowering of women that is the travesty here. It doesn’t matter what ‘type’ of birth a mother is hoping for or requesting, the bottom line is that women are to be respected during this most life changing experience. Belittling, disempowering or bullying is NEVER ok, especially to someone bringing life into this world!

If these are the memories that women are recalling about their births, then how is this impacting their ability to travel through motherhood with the confidence & trust in themselves that they should have. What impact do their stories have on the other women that hear them & their journey’s?

We need to respect women in their birthing space, plain & simple!

Want to know my top 10 things that MUST be said to a women in labour? Stay tuned!