The Homebirth of Oscar

I was 41 weeks 2 days pregnant & whilst I was happy for this baby to arrive when he was ready, I was definitely ready! After eating a nice big curry for lunch, I popped my daughter on her push-along bike, the dog on a lead & headed off for a walk in the winter sun to see if I could encourage this big baby to think about making an appearance. Grace & I pondered about names & if this was a boy or girl & when we thought we might meet it. I had thought all through this pregnancy that I was having a girl, but at that moment I had an overwhelming feeling that this was a boy. That overwhelming feeling told me that today was the day! 2.5km into the walk I felt a big clunk in my pelvis as baby 2.0 engaged, yep this walk it doing wonders! Time to head back!

I live on top of a very very steep hill & when Grace announced that I was to carry her the rest of the way I was slightly regretting my decision to take such a long walk! So here I am, pushing a bike, carrying a 2 year old & waddling my very very pregnant belly up this huge hill (the dog thankfully knows his own way home)! I was feeling those familiar tightenings & texted my husband to let him know to think about making his way home from the city soon.

I popped the slow cooker on & sat on my birthing ball playing with Grace.I had spent much of my pregnancy thinking about the logistics of this birth, as I was birthing at home. I had thought that it would be nice to go into labour in the evening so that Grace could be asleep & we would not need to organise a babysitter & I could just birth in my own space. Richard arrived home, they ate dinner (I was full from my curry & possibly baby)! We put Grace to bed & I continued to sit on my ball watching Big Brother (yes I love terrible reality TV)! I texted with my Midwife keeping her abreast of how I was going & when my surges were about 5 minutes apart I decided to get to come over.

I switched off the TV & headed into my birth space, where I swayed in the warm of the fire & watched the embers glowing, one of my favourite relaxation tools, the hypnosis of fire! When my midwife & support midwife arrived we spent about an hour chatting & laughing (in between my breathing) & around midnight I decided to hop into the birth pool. The midwives sat at the other end of the room doing paperwork or knitting while Richard supported me as I birthed, quietly & calmly in the warm water in our lounge room.

The room was filled with a warming glow from our candles & lamps, a beautiful warmth from the fire, with an occasional crack or pop & a feeling of trust & love. I felt myself get hot & knew that my baby was about to arrive, the moment was here & I was ready. This great energy filled me to every edge of my being & beyond, this immense strength & power, a feeling like no other. I smiled at my husband as he told me how beautiful I was, tears in eyes as he held my arms & I felt his love move through me. With two, long, loving breaths Oscar was born into my own hands, swimming up into my arms, as I got to see his beautiful face as he emerged from the water, all 9 pounds 6 ounces of him!

Filled once again with that natural birth high, there was no way that I could sleep. I held him close to my chest & breathed in every molecule I could & I continue to do so every day!