The HypnoMotheringTM program offers new mothers the tools and mindset techniques they need to step into their new role as a parent with grace and joy and as much calm as possible.

Regardless of your birthing experience, and despite all the best support from family and friends anyone could ask for, new mums often report feelings of complete overwhelm as the challenges of the first few months of motherhood hit home. Laughing one minute, crying the next, feeling lost, isolated, unsure and bewildered, but completely in love, in awe and in your natural state at the same time. It’s crazy and normal but can get the better of many women, particularly when sleep deprivation is added to the mix.

Designed by mums for mums, the HypnoMotheringTM program is a fun and practical class that introduces self-hypnosis techniques specifically targeted to the challenges that new mums face.

There are a number of tools that can be used to help you quickly find perspective, remain grounded and balanced throughout infancy and beyond.

The class will offer you:

  • Tools for anxiousness, sleep issues, blockages
  • Ways to make the most out of limited sleep
  • Techniques to enhance the bond with your baby
  • The means to develop your maternal instincts
  • Help with finding a daily focus and clarity
  • Mindfulness and calm as you adjust to being a new mother
  • Empowerment to embrace your own unique journey free from judgement
  • A safe place to explore, enhance and resolve the myriad of feelings you may be experiencing.





Hypnomothering FAQ's


Who is HypnoMothering For?

HypnoMothering is for all mothers, whether you’re expecting your first baby, have a baby under two years or juggling a toddler. The program was created to prepare women for a gentle transition into motherhood, find balance & energy throughout the early years & provide you with special tools to navigate this journey as a Mum confidently, calmly & happily.


Do I bring my baby with me?

Whilst the tools and techniques you learn during the class will be used during your day-to-day life with baby around, it’s best to allow yourself the opportunity to learn these without distraction. It’s also a really lovely opportunity to give yourself a little bit of ‘me’ time& just relax.

If you need your baby near-by for feeding this is absolutely ok. However you will need to arrange to have another person come with you who can care for your baby while you enjoy the class.


My kids are a bit older, would I still benefit from this course?

Without a doubt, motherhood is a never-ending journey, once a Mum always a Mum right? The issues we face are essentially the same no matter how old our children are, they just present themselves in slightly different ways. If you would like some tools to assist you wherever you are on your parenting journey then I welcome you to come along!


Do I still receive the handouts and audio tracks if I attend the class via webinar?

Absolutely. The audio tracks are provided via a download link and the handouts will be emailed to you as a pdf whether you join the class in person or via live webinar.


Is HypnoMothering More than Self-Hypnosis Techniques?

All of my classes are more than just self-hypnosis techniques, which is why I love my job! The HypnoMothering class is filled with insight, encouragement & support. We explore social & cultural pressures & impacts on mothering. We empower you to be confident about your own mothering instincts, create an optimal support system around you & indentify your needs as a Mum. All this, plus the many self-hypnosis techniques makes for an amazing class!