Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome classes. I said in your class that I wanted to deliver her in 4 hours and and asked my baby that I wanted to deliver her in the morning so we could avoid the heavy traffic from Brighton to Parkville lol. And those things happened. My waters broke at 3 am and by the time I got there they confirmed I was already 4 cm dilated. I remained focused and relaxed as much as possible, knowing that relaxing below was going to help dilate. Nursing staff couldn't believe I had delivered her in just under 4 hours as a first time mum and the fact that I was alert and could walk myself from the birthing suit to my ward. She is so chilled, is feeding well and putting on weight 🙂 Thank you again Emily. My daughter and I are very happy this journey has and still is amazing

Love and Light.

Marie (HypnoBirthing) ,